FLAGGING. BLUE BADGE under Special Rule (SR1 previously DS1500 form); and ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE.

I have matastatic bone cancer, stage 4, my initial breast cancer was eight years ago. I am paying a ransom parking at hospitals and everywhere else. I applied for a BLUE BADGE online, with help from a relative. I am 74 years old, and it is beyond my capacity to use my mobile phone or computer to scan this and that and send electronically. The You Gov form is fiendishly long. I didn't know that my local authority has its own BLUE BADGE FORM which could have been printed and completed with a pen and sent by post with photocopies. When I rang the townhall, a very helpful employee explained to me that the SR1 form supports the Blue Badge. As I have one, I should send it immediately. 

Unfortunately my metastatic bone cancer is terminal, meaning it can't be cured (although the cancer is still treatable). The word "terminal" hits hard and it echoes and it shakes me all over. My GP completed the one-page DS 1500 form . She didn't have the new Special Rule (SR1 form), she used what she had in her draw, the DS1500 form, but both forms are still currently accepted. Only medical professionals have these forms, it can't be downloaded by the public, and it can only be filled and signed by a medical professional such as GPs.The DS1500 and SR1 forms confirms that the cancer is "terminal". 

BLUE BADGE. There is a question on the You Gov Blue Badge application form "do you have a SR1", or something like that. What a heck is a SR1? What exactly is a "terminal" cancer? Often, it is explained as you can die within 12 months. Gulp. Not so fast! You might, or you might not die within 12 months. The risk exists and cannot be excluded and it is the diagnosis of a "terminal" cancer that counts. If your medical professional has issued you with a SR1 and Tick "yes" on the blue badge application. But there is another path to a blue badge. For us 65 and over, if like me you are a pensioner, you can get ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE. My understanding is that it passports automatically to the Blue Badge. 

THE ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE form is very long, intrusive, awful. But it is worth £107 a week, you can be financially comfortable and get it, it is not means-tested. It is not taxed. You can use the money for whatever you need, food delivery, electric bill, new glasses or taxi fares. It doesn't have to be help "with bodily functions" or "mobility". It is the most misunderstood benefit. Misunderstood? That 55 pages form can be reduced to perhaps ten easy peasy questions such as your name and address - if you have a "terminal" cancer and you are under "special rule" (SR1 form, DS1500 also accepted). 

ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE: After a few pages about name, address etc, at the little square 12, "special rule", tick "yes". Et voilà! No need to answer questions 19 to 44! Don't forget to consent at question 18, complete questions 45 and 46, and sign at question 62. I phoned Attendance Allowance help line (google the number, I forgot it). My returned form should also go into the fast lane. In summary, I applied for the Blue Badge and Attendance Allowance, based on "special rules". 

  • Hi Carot,

    I am so sorry to hear of your current situation, although glad to hear that your cancer is still treatable. Thank you for outlining the route to applying for a Blue Badge and Attendance Allowance. It is hard enough filling in these forms when you're fighting fit. Age and a terminal diagnosis make it so much more difficult. I am sure that your post will be of great help to others in a similar situation. Any short cuts are most welcome, when facing the deluge of questions to get this invaluable support.

    Have you spoken to a counsellor about how you feel concerning your "terminal" diagnosis?

    I sincerely hope that your treatment continues to work for you. Please remember that there is always someone here to talk with you.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx