Travel Insurance Screening

I am confused with answering screening questions.

I had a Prostaectomy in 2014. PSA readings not showing until last year but now although very low my consultant is concerned that readings are  increasing indicating a recurrence of prostate cancer.

2 PSMA PET scans have been unable to locate the site and "likely be within the prostate bed or pelvic lymph nodes."

When being screened for insurance the standard questions ...."has the cancer ever spread beyond the prostate and/or seminal vesicles to tother parts of the body"

Answer choices ....a)Yes to lymph glands only or b) yes to other parts of the body.

I have to pick one and nobody will suggest which line to go down.

Choosing a or b leads to some more questions which are more or less the same.

Although a claim for this is very unlikely to occur I would not want to prejudice a claim for something else on the grounds that I provided incorrect information upon taking out the contract

BTW I have several other conditions/medications to declare which leads many companies unable to quote