Travel insurance to the USA

My husband has sarcoma. He is on a break from treatment until end of July.

We have our son in the USA, with a new baby born last week. We are trying, to no avail as yet, to find travel insurance for my husband. Up to now he hasn't even had a quote.

Has anyone experienced this or experiencing it now?

  • Hi,

    I know several cancer patients use Insurancewith, Insurewith, Staysure or All Clear. Don't do the quote online as the computer algorithms can't deal with treatment nuances. Ring instead. Good luck xx

  • Hello, I phoned all clear, they were very polite and professional, and gave me a quote within minutes. I am going on a cruise from Southhampton to Quebec for 21 days.

  • Hi, I'm not exactly in the same position as your husband, However I had a Sarcoma last year (I am now in remission after completing my treatment),& my wife & I have just come back from the states. The cost of travel insurance was astronomical, However we found a great deal from , we were able to get a quote extremely quickly. Good luck & congratulations on the grandchild. 

  • Thankyou AngieT for this information, I have just bought Insurance with Insurewith, I made sure the information that I completed on lengthy form was correct by using the online chat service with a very friendly operator called Lousie I was getting very stressed as I my current recently diagnosed situation doesn't 'fit' most of the companies information gathering systems and I was beginning to despair of getting cover for travel to a family wedding in USA this Friday. A far more reasonable quote than I had been quoted by another company.

  • Hello Susytish,I had Breast Cancer last year ,I phoned around instead of doing the insurance online . I chose Saga ,but Post  Office were ok too. Good luck xx