Disciplinary for time off whilst being tested

Hello last week I was told by my plastic surgeon I may have skin cancer - he seemed pretty confident anyways I’ve taken time off work only to see I’ve been cc’d into an email stating that my manager has to send me for a disciplinary on my return for having time off? It’s not a confirmed diagnosis - the same manager who sent this email sent it whilst my body was in an MRI scanner! I’m fuming! Is this actually legal?

  • Hi sorry that you are being harassed like this, hospital appointments for this type of thing should be allowed. I had many breast ect appointments when l was working and just took the appointment time off with out any problems or docking of payments. 
    l would have thought that it could be booked as an medical appointment  or sick leave without the need for a disciplinary action. Have you spoken to your union they a great with this type of problem? 
    Some managers don't really know procedures as well as they should have a word with occupational health, as you may need further sick leave. 
    My son in law is having similar issues over booking overtime worked with his manager. He's worked the hours !  Instead of showing him how to book his hours it he's being reprimanded.  He's now on sick leave with stress. still waiting for it to be sorted out. 
    I hope you have this sorted out soon as you don't need this when you are worried.

    take care 



  • Hi,

    Were/are you on sick leave with a note from your doctor? If so, your manager shouldn't be treating you this way. Do you have a union you can contact? 

    If you had a confirmed diagnosis of cancer you would be covered under the Disability Act and employers have to treat an employee carefully. Unfortunately the Act doesn't cover those undergoing tests for cancer. 

    Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient since 2009)

  • I am on sick leave due to my anxiety over it, I didn't have the easiest job when it comes to stress 

    I just think it was highly inappropriate to cc me into an email saying on my return I will be punished when he knows full well why I'm off 

    thanx for the reply x

  • It sounds to me that you have a manager who has no management skills. Does your HR have an Occupational Health manager that you can contact? If not, and you don't have a union, contact Citizens Advice to find out your employment rights regarding sick leave and disciplinary. I'm hoping that your manager has used inappropriate language and actually means it's a meeting to see if your employer can provide any assistance to help you return to work and make your job easier.

    Good luck.

  • Just make sure you keep all corisopndence emails letters ect an employment tribuneral would wipe the floor with them.

  • Did you get this issue resolved?