Immunotherapy after chemo

Has anyone else had immunotherapy after combined chemo & immunotherapy and after surgery and radiotherapy? 

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    my husband has lung cancer and had 4 sessions of chemotherapy followed by a treatment program for 18 months of immune therapy. After 6 months of immune therapy he took very poorly with inflammation and blood clots on his lungs caused by the immune therapy. The oncologist said that 40% of people get inflammation because of the immune therapy and that he was just unlucky. so they had to stop his treatment  and put him on steroids now for 7 months to get rid of the inflammation and the side effects are horrendous for him. He has been on high strength blood thinners to get rid of the blood clots ( which he has coughed up horrendous I know but he has to get rid of them) I wish they would have told us this before he had the immune therapy as it has set him back no end. His tumour has started to grow again since stopping the treatment and now he’s back on chemotherapy. This time around is harder for him so brutal. I wish you every luck and hope that you are luckier with your treatment.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is having a bad time. I had DVP which led to Pulmonary embolism which led to biopsy on "spot" found by CT Scan when entered into hospital. It was Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, Stage 4. In the lungs and lymph nodes.. I was  prescribed Innohep (blood thinner) injections daily. I discussed with Doc and told her no way was I having Chemo and went with Immunotherapy (I now have to take Thyroxin daily). This was Feb 2020, I responded very well to that, it was then contained to one lung It "woke" up in Jan 2021 I had a few Radiotherapy sessions and it flattened it. One in the other lung decided to make an appearance Dec 2023 and I have just had a few more Radiotherapy sessions am am waiting to see what the situation is now. I live in Finland and have had wonderful treatment and understanding Doctors.