Facing the unknown own

Hi, I was diagnosed in March 2022 with hormone cancer in left breast ( please excuse the full diagnosis, as really tired an have to look it up on my letters) . Had surgery and radiotherapy.  I was left with uneven breast, which I asked them to correct, had that done in March of this year only for them to discover triple negative in the right breast. I am petrified  now wondering how long I have left. My family have been really supportive, but they don't know what is going on in my head. 

  • Hi Pudpud12,

    Welcome to Cancer Chat. I'm sorry to hear this - I'm sure this must be a lot to process.

    I can understand that it perhaps feels a little isolating if there is lots going on in your head and then feeling like others don't fully understand. Although it is good to hear you have support around you.

    This forum can hopefully be a helpful space for you, with plenty of people who understand. It is a supportive community and I hope that it can be of some support to you at this time.

    My reply will give your post a little boost so a few more people should see it, and hopefully you'll get some more replies. You can also browse or search the forum (using the bar at the top of the page) for other discussions and people to connect with, if you would like to.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator