New in here - diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, struggling with shakes from EC chemo. Any advice?

I've been diagnosed in Dec 23, two days before Xmas, had my operation on sentinel node lumpectomy on Feb 6th, I've got triple neg breast cancer .

I've had my first two rounds of ec chemotherapy , and due to start third round.. I'm struggling with shakes like rigours each time round about the 5th day after, is anyone else experiencing this and any advice how I can cope please.


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    I’m no expert only diagnosed myself dec 23 with totally different cancer but what I did learn from a support group member when I described something very similar after my chemo she explained about the steroids! Apparently you have 2/3 really good days then a big drop after the steroids also a really good tip that worked for me was drink as much water / fluids as you can they help flush the toxins out 

    like I say I’m no expert but hope someone more experienced might help you too 

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    Thanks J2411 i

    Will give it a try although i do drinl my 8 glasses a day.