Vault brachytherapy

I was diagnosed with endrometrium cancer December 2023 it came as a huge shock as I was fit and healthy I only had postmenopausal spotting that was my reason for visiting my GP who has been fantastic. However i have been bounced through 3 different hospitals which I found very distressing the first hospital was fantastic and brilliant doctor and nurses. Second hospital the doctor was very rude and arrogant my husband asked the doctor a question and he completely ignored my husband like he was even sitting in the room  . Had a total hysterectomy for early stages endrometrium cancer I have stage 1b 1 endrometrial cancer lymph nodes came back clear everything else was good and healthy so I assumed I would not require further treatment or that's what I was led to believe but I also had to chase my results up as well which should not happen. Without discussing with me about the radiotherapy I was referred to the hospital I've been so angry that doctors think it's acceptable to refer patients for further treatment without discussing this with me first . I receive my final vault brachytherapy tomorrow and I will be glad when it's all finished I've found this whole situation very distressing as I was not informed that I would require to under  go an internal examination every week before the applicator is inserted . I mentioned that I had a small blood spot on my vulva and they don't seem concerned I also mentioned that my bowels are moving a lot more frequently and they just said that was one of the side effects I've Actually had to go online and find out information for myself regards to my frequent bowel movements and I've had to purchase imodium tablets to help with this issue . I do not feel I've been given the necessary support and information I've needed to get me through the vault brachytherapy I feel I should have been given all this information at the very beginning or prior to starting treatment . My experience has been average as no one seems to want to talk it's get you in and get you out asap. All my information that I've gotten from hospitals has been poor at best I've had to go online and find out everything for myself and my husband. I was confused as to how I ended up with endrometrium cancer it turned out to be a hormonal imbalance but this was down to not having children my husband couldn't have any as I looked up how this could possibly happen I don't smoke , hardly drink , not obese started menstrating at 15 years old and went into peri-menopause at the age of 36 stopped menstràting completely age 40 and of course there it was not having children . 

  • Hi RLFN,

    Welcome to Cancer Chat. It sounds like you've been through a lot with all this, and I'm sorry to hear that you've had a difficult experience with the multiple referrals and not getting all the information you needed.

    I hope your final treatment went OK this week and that you're feeling a little better now it's finished.

    Hopefully this forum can be of some support to you and that writing things down has been helpful.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator