Starting chemo tomorrow


After 3 surgeries to remove DCIS I unfortunately was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer last November. I’m now 9 weeks post op mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction. 
Having 3 lymph nodes removed during surgery it was found that the cancer had spread to 1 of the 3 nodes so chemotherapy was advised.

After a few hiccups and a wound infection I finally start my first round of chemotherapy tomorrow.
 EC every 2 weeks for  4 cycles then paclitaxel also every 2 weeks for 4 cycles.

To say I’m feeling a bit anxious about it all is an understatement, worried about the side effects and loosing my long hair, I’m thinking of maybe giving the cold cap a try.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

  • Hello, so sorry about your diagnosis. I also have/had IDC (it’s all removed now with a lumpectomy) my lymph nodes were clear but it was grade 3 and I’m quite young so chemo was recommended. I am due to start the exact same chemo next Friday. I am also going to try the cold cap, I’ve read a few positive stories where ladies have kept 70-80% of their hair but I believe it’s not particularly effective with EC chemo. But I think we may as well give it a go, you never know. I also have long hair, going to get it cut to like a chin length bob next week in preparation. Have you gotten a wig yet? 

  • Hi, sorry about your diagnosis but I’m glad to hear it’s all removed.

    Where are you having your chemo? 
    Im having mine in Inverclyde.

    I had a call this afternoon to say I need my bloods repeated in the morning and because my veins aren’t great I will need a picc line so they may not be able to give the chemo tomorrow after all.

    Im also going to have my hair cut to shoulder length this weekend. I had a wig appt last week but they only had dark coloured ones for me to try and I’m blonde so  the girl said she would order 2 blonde ones in and hope I like one of them .. takes 6 weeks so I’m going to have a look online see what I can order as a back up. xx

  • I know this isn't what your expecting to hear but had my first Chemo last week, and found it utterly relaxing x I didn't cold cap. 

  • Aw small world, I’m in glasgow! Will be having mine at the beatson. I asked about a port or picc as most people seem to get one or the other but was told no, it would just be via my arm. But I would rather get one as worried I won’t be able to move that arm during the infusion.. I have an appointment with the oncology nurse tomorrow so I might ask again. Is it true the nhs give a voucher towards a wig? I am also blonde and have noticed just looking online there are less blonde ones. Are you looking at human hair ones? Seems like they are the most realistic looking, although pricey. I kinda think it’s worth it though if it means I can get out and about without feeling self conscious xx

  • I am having PICC line inserted in the morning, I asked my Macmillan nurse and she sorted it through the team. 3.5 hours tying to get blood after a kidney function test was a little too much, 

  • Hi Lynne, thats brilliant! I must admit I’m kind of looking forward a day to myself as I have 2 toddlers! xx 

  • Hi Lynn63, that’s good to hear glad it went well for you and hopefully continues. Keep me posted on how your doing xx

  • Hope all goes well Lynne xx

  • Will do, back for Immunotherapy tomorrow, I am a little anxious on this but feel happier now I have seen surroundings. Not as scary as I thought. 

  • I got a wig voucher for £150 from Macmillan x