49 years old grade4 Glioblastoma

Symptoms are worsening. My left leg just gave way and luckily I managed to get sat down before I fell. Thunder clap headaches are awful. Could I ask what pain relief people find the best thank you 

  • Hello Netty3966, 

    I am so sorry to hear your symptoms have been worsening. It must have been scary feeling your left leg give way; I am glad you didn't fall and managed to sit down. These headaches sound really hard to bear and I hope that you can find the best pain relief to help you cope. We have a page on our website on controlling symptoms of brain tumours and there is a paragraph there on drugs to control the pain. It mentions that "your treatment team will work with you and your GP to find the right type and strength of painkiller" and we also have a section on painkillers you might find useful. Make sure you talk to your medical team about these awful headaches and what pain relief they recommend for them and mention as well what happened with your left leg. 

    If you wanted to talk to other members of our community who have been affected by gliobastoma, I thought I would mention  's glioblastoma thread. This member's husband was recently diagnosed. I hope that once you have talked to your medical team, you will find the best kind of pain relief to help you with these debilitating headaches.

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator