Looking for advice on colon cancer

Hello Everyone,

I am going through a very tough time at the moment I have recently turned 23, but in January this year my mother passed away after being hit by a drug driver … I was just 22 and left as the sole carer for my dad who currently has stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis to the liver and peritoneum. 

I’ll start by explaining his cancer journey so far before asking my question. 
summer 2021 he began having a slight weird feeling in his tummy not pain or ache just something felt off. He went to the doctors who referred him for an ultrasound which showed nothing. We had an amazing GP at the time that continued investigation and blood was found in his stool, he then had a colonoscopy 2 weeks later which showed a concerning polyp. 

september 2021 he underwent surgery removing the polyp and later tests confirmed that there was no spread to surrounding areas and lymph nodes. He was at first advised that he needed no further treatment and there was a very low possibility of return but then out of the blue received a call two weeks later offering preventative chemotherapy tablets which he began taking. 

april 2022 there was a rise in CEA levels in his blood test so he went for a series of scans. 

may 2022 scan results showed that the cancer had returned in the colon but had also spread to the peritoneum, a liver biopsy was also ordered and showed small met there too. The plan from the oncologist was to remove the cancer in one operation and whilst we were on the waiting list and confirming with the liver specialist that we had happy to remove in one operation he would undergo a new chemo to prevent spread. 

the call for surgery never came, and by the time I said to the oncologist what is happening about surgery we were told it was no longer an option. I then asked why I wasn’t told sooner and requested a full copy of his notes, within the notes I discovered that the cancer had not returned it had actually been present back in 2021 scans but was never reported and was ‘missed’. And so began constant chemotherapy which he is still on to this day. Luckily my dad is asymptomatic and otherwise I’m very good health so his body has been coping fairly well with the treatments but they have not been successful in any major shrinkage. 

Feeling frustrated with the NHS I booked and paid to see a private oncologist unfortunately this fell the day after my mother was suddenly taken from us. The private oncologist explained to us that due to dads otherwise good health there are still various chemotherapy options to prolong life on both the NHS and private. Once all these options have been exhausted we can then look at clinical trials. So at the moment that is the plan we are using NHS treatment options currently, looking to move to private once these have been exhausted and then hopefully on to trials when the time comes. 

I can’t bear the thought of loosing my dad after loosing my mother so suddenly and so young (she was just 57) so I have been desperately looking for something that could potentially save his life. I am by no means a millionaire but I am fortune enough to have some funds and have been reading on lots of cases where people have seemed treatment/ surgeries abroad that are no available in the UK. Does anyone know any starting points or any information on any potential trails, abroad treatment… anything that could possibly help? Cost is irrelevant I will find the money… and worst ways you come into this world with nothing so if you go out owing you’re up! Even any websites where you can research these types of things or abroad treatments, any help is so so appreciated. 

sorry for the long post and my love to you all! 

  • Hi Bellaboo01, 

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and offer you my heartfelt condolences for your loss.

    Losing your mother and being the sole carer for your dad at such a young age must be very difficult, but our community are here for you and I'm sure you will receive a lot of support and advice from our members soon.

    I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well with this chemo although I'm sorry that there haven't been any signs of shrinkage. I know you have quite a few questions about potential treatment options for your dad, so if you'd like to discuss this further with one of our nurses, they're available on 0808 800 4040, Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m. 

    We're thinking of you Bellaboo01 and wishing you and your dad all the best at this very challenging time.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • my dad is in exactly the same position - almost word for word