Waiting for Referral for breast clinic

Hi I have been refered to a breast clinic and have been waiting 1 week and have had no appointment yet. Has anyone else waited as I have heard people normally get the appointment letter quickly.

  • Hi I have my appointment on Wednesday and I’m terrified.   Good luck

  • My appointment took 24 days. I think it depends on the hospital. It was an agonising waiting period especially as my GP told me to expect a cancer diagnosis after he was informed of the abnormality found on the CT scan - which,incidentally, was for a lesion in the right lung!  Try not to worry.  I understand that time from referral is now usually at least three weeks. Until last October it was supposed to be two weeks but of course there is a large backlog at many hospitals. You should be getting a letter soon or possibly a phone call. My letter was dated 15th March but the appointment took place on 9th April. The consultant told me I had cancer but the type and stage will be revealed next week (ten days' time) because he is waiting for the biopsy report.

    Best of luck,


  • I got my appointment through yesterday for the 18th April. So just under 2 weeks since I was referred. Thanks and good luck to you too

  • Hi Maddy, My appointment is Wed too…and I feel the same..Good luck x 

  • Good luck Gemma - let us know how you get on ….My appt is on Wed 17th - x 

  • Gemma 7887

    Hi Gemma,you have the same name as my daughter, which I think is a lovely name. I've just read your post and I see yoir appointment is sheduled for the 18th April,which is thisThursday, so im so glad you will be seen soon. The waiting  is hard,I remember my time of waiting  for my first  2ww breast clinic  appointment  so I know how you  will be feelimg, nervous,anxious with a mind that doesn't shut off,and sleepless nights, and tiredness from those.  But it doesn't always turn out to be cancer,there are many other things it may be,it could be a cyst . Bit if it does turn out to be breast cancer like mine was in 2020, yes its a shock,my head was all over the place,but thrn my level head kicked in ,telling me at least its been found( I found my lump)  and it was  confirmed and caught early and  a treatment plan could be put in place,once size of tumour ,grade anf tyoe were confirmed from the biobsysi had ,and that's better than if it hadn't  and had been left .to grow and spread even more than it had. 

    But I do hope  it isnt cancer, but what ever the outcome,you've done the  best thing by getting it checked out . Will be thinking of you on the 18th, I will be getting my bloods tested, as I have got  a fatty liver now as well as a small  cyst  on my liver.

    Always popping on here from time to time, let me know how you get on at beeast clinic  praying that all will be ok for you .

  • Maddy 22

    Just read your reply to Gemma  and see you have your appointment on Wed not long now ,as i said  " to Gemma  I will think of you too,hopefully it won't turn out to be anything sinister The wait us definitely hard to deal with,and if you want to chat ,im poppingon here from time to tine .  Goid luck  Maddy .

  • CatLW

    Hi saw your reply to Madfy and Gemma,and like Maddy I see yoir appointment is on Wednesday  I will be thinking of all three of you,and praying that it's not anything sinister . Good luck  CatLW.Here if you need to chat. 

  • Good luck everyone. My appointment has now been changed to the following Monday and at a hospital miles away so I am.going to struggle getting there.