Recovering after Tonsil Cancer


I finished my treatment for tonsil cancer nearly 4 months ago and was pleased that 2 weeks ago to get the good news I was in remission.  My treatment was tough.  I had an NG tube more or less as soon as I started my treatment and after 3 months had a peg fitted.  I’m still really struggling to eat anything more than soup and ice cream and that’s with plenty of water. I’m really trying as lost quite a bit of weight but every one keeps saying it takes time.  I just wondered if anyone could advise on how long it took to start eat normally.  I know everyone is different but just keen to learn a bit more.   I’m finding this forum really helpful.  Thank you x

  • Hi Ju-Ju,

    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with eating at the moment. Hopefully you've received some advice from your medical team - if not, do try to speak to your doctor when you can, to see what they might be able to recommend that's specific to you.

    You are also welcome to give our nurses a call to talk things through. You can reach them on 0808 800 4040 - Monday-Friday.

    You can also search this forum (using the bar at the top of the page) for other relevant discussions on here in case you can find anything useful that way.

    Otherwise, hopefully you'll receive some more replies here soon. I'm glad to hear you're finding the forum helpful - we're always here if you need it.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator