Was recalled and had biopsy for small lump. Lymph nodes clear

I was recalled after my first mammogram. They found a very small lump in my left breast which could not be felt. They had trouble accessing it with a needle so had to do a full biopsy. They did a scan and scanned my lymph nodes which they said looked clear. I am very scared as I am a full time carer to my disabled sons and the thought of being ill scares the hell out of me as they rely on me so much. I get my results on Wednesday. I'm trying to stay positive but I am struggling. 

  • Sydney 

    sorry to hear of your worry, I had bC in July 22 I’m fully back to normal life and have been for a long time 

    try not to worry easier saod thsj done this coukd well come back good news here to help or chat wishing you good luck for results on Wednesday x love Lara xx 

  • Hi Sydney,

    A very warm welcome to our forum. 

    I am sorry to hear that your mammogram flagged up this lump. There tend to be more recalls after a first mammogram, than after any other. This is because there is no previous mammogram to compare to. I was recalled after my first mammogram, but fortunately, all was clear the second time. It is good news that your lymph node looked clear. It is also reassuring that you have had a biopsy. Your scans show the lump, but the biopsy determines whether or not it is cancerous. Having this, should give you peace of mind that it has been thoroughly investigated.

    Not all lumps turn out to be cancer. Many are benign cysts or due to fibrous or hormonal changes. It is a fact that only 20% of the people who attend the breast clinic, will get a cancer diagnosis. I understand your worry for your sons - even if it does turn out to be cancer, it sounds as if you have caught it early, when the lump is so small. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, 10 years after my first mammogram recall. I had a second bout the following year. I had a lumpectomy first time around and a double mastectomy the second. I did feel very fatigued after my surgeries, but took hormone therapy afterwards and am still here 14years on and still living a busy and fulfilling life. 

    It is hard to stay positive at this stage, when all sorts of dark thoughts are going through your head. Cancer treatments have come a long way in recent years - even since I was diagnosed, so don't give up hope just yet.

    I sincerely hope that nothing untoward is found on Wednesday. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Thank you for your kind words. X