AMl patient in remission

Hi all. I became very ill in December 2022 and was diagnosed and admitted to hospital on 19th January this year with AML with FLT3 ITD mutation and 2 others. I reached  complete remission after my 2nd round of chemo and targeted therapy. Unfortunately, after finishing round 3 I suffered heart failure so I'm no longer eligible for a stem cell transplant, further chemo if needed, or targeted therapy. I'd love to hear from anyone who is or has been through AML x

  • Hello Merlin13, 

    I am so sorry to hear that you suffered heart failure after your second round of chemo and targeted therapy and that as a result you are no longer eligible for a stem cell transplant. It's great though that you reached complete remission after your second round of chemo and targeted therapy. Our website has detailed information on acute myeloid leukaemia - if you would like to talk things through with one of our cancer nurses, feel free to give them a call on this free number 0808 800 4040 - their helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

    I hope that you will hear from the experiences of other community members who have had an AML diagnosis before and that they will be along shortly to share their experience with you. I've had a little look on the forum and found for example  's thread here who was also diagnosed with AML last year so feel free to respond if you wish and I hope that this forum will allow you to connect with others with AML. 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator