Ovarian cancer

Hi  iam trying to deal with the loss of a Dearly loved partner to cancer   even though diagnosis had been 2 years   it is still so unbearable when it happens  it affects so many lives and i wish there was more could of been done but in hindsight the signs are difficult to spot   but they are there   catching it earlier can certainly help.  Signs need to be learnt about and passed on  lives need to be saved to this cancer  and early diagnosis should be much better than it is .

  • Hi Jimjam9

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss, you have my deepest sympathy at this difficult time for you. I am replying as i expect to be in a similar position to yourself in the future, my wife, 48yrs, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nearly 3 years ago. It was caught very early by chance, an appendicitis. She had the usual symptoms of ovarian cancer prior to this but they were largely dismissed by her GP as the menopause. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy and was cancer free. Being caught so early the stats were very good for her to be cured. Unfortunately, about a year later the cancer returned in her abdominal lining, and is now incurable. We have had various prognosis more recently of 2-3 years to a maximum of 5years but we really do not know. She has undergone further surgery and chemo and is again cancer free and on maintenance drugs to prolong it's return. The one thing we do know is it will return at some point and she will have to deal with this again. In many ways my wife is very lucky, should her cancer not have been diagnoses by chance at such an early stage by the time it would have been, it would have been to late and she wouldn't be here now. Unfortunately, it only bought her time with us and not the cure we hoped for. Ovarian cancer is a silent killer for so many women as its often symptomless or the symptoms are mistaken for other things, meaning diagnosis often comes too late to have a positive outcome from treatment. Despite this my wife has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness with the help of the charity 'Target Ovarian Cancer' with national and regional radio appearances and press coverage. She has also raised tens of thousands of pounds for 'Target Ovarian Cancer'. I am dreading the day we receive the news her cancer has returned but I can say i am extremely proud of her as her campaigning may of saved lives.

  • Ah  thank you so much for the kind words Patrick   its going to take a very long time  and now nothing seems normal   so sorry to hear about your wife's reoccurrence  its such a hideous disease  but she sounds like mine in the fact you have got take it on head first and she seems so special and the raising awareness and money raising is brilliant  her grandson walked thousands of steps for her getting £600 and the funeral donations £450 to those ovarian cancer charities, the similarities to the menopause are frightening as bloating & back pain are far too easily dismissed  by doctors  after a small accident it was discovered  but at stage 4  i kept telling her how proud i was because i dont think i would have that fight in me,   i pray you get years and years together but the main thing is to make the very best of them.

  • Thank you. With the nature of the disease i do find it astonishing that there isn't a national screening programme like so many cancers. Early diagnosis is critical for this disease as the statistics show that treatment is very effective in the early stages. With woman's health issues particularly menopause being so prevalent in the media at present. i would have thought ovarian cancer would get more attention, when it is so often ignored as symptoms of the menopause. Well done to your partners grandson, anything we can do to raise awareness of the symptoms and get checked out as soon as possible. My wife always says women know their own bodies and know when something isn't right, so they shouldn't take no for an answer and get fobbed off.

  • I to was suprised there is no screening, my wife has recently be diagnosed and it is crushing, unfortunately the lesions are extensive over the abdominal sack so looks like it was caught late treatment has started yet if it can be at all but the tip of despair seems bottomless