Hemangioma Liver

Hi all, posted a week or so ago as after raised CA125 blood result, I was put on the 2 week pathway.  CT scans and ultrasound done.

Consultant wanted to see me in person which really scared me.  That meeting was cancelled as the Consultants wanted to view my case again (this was yesterday but not heard anything yet)

GP called me yesterday with the result of my CT scan as he knew I was very anxious about (brilliant GP).  Seems that I have liver hemangioma.  Felt slightly reassured that it was not worse

However, I am still worried as maybe the Consultants have seen something else.  Also I really am in a lot of pain/discomfort on my right hand side.

If anyone else has experienced pain with Hemangioma I would really like to hear your story.

Thank you x

  • Hello Cah60, 

    Thank you for coming back on our forum and updating us. It must have been stressful to have your meeting cancelled so that the consultant could view your case again. It's great you have a brilliant GP though and that they called you to let you know you have a liver hemangioma. It's normal to be worried as you await further information from the consultant and I hope that they get in touch soon and give you more information. It might be worth mentioning this pain and discomfort you are experiencing on your right hand side when you next talk to your doctor or consultant. They will be able to tell you whether this is indeed to be expected. 

    I hope that you will hear from others on our forum who have experienced pain with hemangioma and that they will be along shortly to share their story with you. Keep us updated if you get a chance on what you find out - I will be keeping everything crossed for you! 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator