Has anyone else had radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer?

I have has radiotherapy for prostate cancer and would like to chat with anyone suffering with side effects 

  • Hello Broadlands

    I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with some side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer.

    I know that we've had some gents here on the forum in the past who have spoken about their experiences. I'm don't think that we have any active memnbers at the moment who have/are having treatment for prostate cancer but hopefully someone with experience will see your post and reply. 

    In the meantime, I wanted to suggest that you have a look at the Prostate Cancer UK website. I know they have an online forum as well as a number of other forms of support including a one-to-one support service. 

    I hope this link helps you to connect with others who are living with similar issues. 

    Best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator 

  • Hello,I had radiotherapy in 2020 for my prostate cancer which was diagnosed late my PSA was 109 Gleason 9 so really aggressive the radiotherapy didn't work I started the ADT therapy but once again the side effects were very very bad sweating every hour 24/7 they call it hot flashes but it was sweating couldn't sleep the sheets were soaking wet with sweat.

    So I stopped that and rather have quality of life but getting back to radiotherapy I had no side effects until two years later when I suddenly started to get blood coming out of my rectum!

    Once they investigated it with a camera up me *** they found that the radiotherapy had burnt or cut lesions into the wall of my large intestine or rectum area so I get really bad stomach ache and a load of bright red fresh blood when I go to the toilet or if I pass wind it runs out!

    But initially the radiotherapy didn't hurt or cause any issues I wasn't tired or upset stomach nothing at all but then after two years I started getting blood coming out of my rectum on a regular basis.

    They said they could seal the cuts up but I said no way there is always some side effects at least I can endure this blood coming out & stomach ache it's better the devil you know

    Hope it helps?