I'm a newbie who has been fast tracked for suspected kidney cancer

Just plucked up the courage to go on here and ask the question straight out.

An abnormality was picked up on my kidney from an ultrasound scan. I was then fast tracked to urology to see specialist. Was told the only way to be certain was to have CT on kidney.  I had that C.T shortly afterwards. I became quiet alarmed after a few days later when I was phoned and asked if I could go up next day for CT on my lungs. I've now had letter confirming an abnormality  in my kidney. My next appointment in 10 days is to see a surgeon. Am I wrong believing it is definatly cancer. 

  • Hello 220358, 

    A big welcome to Cancer Chat. The next few days before your appointment are going to feel like a very long wait as you are having to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing what this all means. It's good that things moved fast once they picked up this abnormality on your kidney on the ultrasound scan - they are clearly being very thorough and doing all the necessary investigations and it didn't take long for you to have those CT scans. You can't draw any conclusions though that it is cancer and only a medical expert will be able to give you a definite diagnosis and clarify what this abnormality is. So all you can do really for now is wait which really is the hardest thing and it's a time when keeping busy and distracted is important as well as resisting the urge to look things up on Google as it will not give you any definite answers either and will only make you feel more anxious. You can read some helpful tips on this page to help you cope while waiting for important news. 

    Other members of our community may have gone through a similar diagnostic process after an abnormality was discovered on their kidney and I will let them come now and share their experience with you. 

    Everything crossed for you that it all turns out to be nothing of concern - do keep us updated on what you find out when you have your appointment if you get a chance! 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • My appointment was cancelled and still not had my results..Finding this harder to deal with as each day passes by. .

  • You should ring your GP so that they can find out what's going on for you ,It must be be very difficult you need to know so I would definitely try and find out from GP or even from the hospital rather than being in limbo ,let us know how you get on .

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    Have you been given a new appointment?

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    No, specialist on special leave. They are trying to get someone to ring me from the medical team to give results over the phone. That would suit me,at least I would know. Have to ring hospital back if not heard by next Tuesday.

  • Received phone call yesterday for an appointment today. Confirmed as 99% kidney cancer Stage 1B. Have to have complete kidney removed because of where it is in the kidney.  However pleased its not spread anywhere else.. A bit of a shock how big tumour is as thought originally grape size more like a satsuma. So glad  I got myself checked out for what probably was a pulled muscle which I had the ultrasound for originally, that's how it got picked up. Always trust your instincts. So glad the anxiety of not knowing is over, but I am worried about the op. 

  • I finally got my diagnosis. Although I had prepared myself it's still a bombshell to be told I have Kidney Cancer. I go to see surgeon in a different hospital a week on Friday..  Cannot save my kidney as tumour in the centre of kidney. I have to have a radical nephrectomy.  I'm absolutely petrified of the surgery which I suppose is normal. T2B N0 M0 X9 . I understand the meaning of the tumour which luckily is contained in the kidney thankfully but I don't understand the X9. Anyone familiar with that part of the diagnosis.

  • Well finally got transferred to a different hospital. First appointment was 1st September. C.T was 7th Setember. Results over phone was new nodule found but had Operation bought forward. Go for my P Op Appointment on 6th October. Been a long process . How do they treat new nodules elsewhere. Will find out scan results face to face on my pre op assessment.  Feeling really worried. What other tr tment besides radical nephrectomy have patients had for new nodules. Thought this was going to be over with after op but obviously there could possibly be after treatment for new nodule.