Kidney cancer

Hi I'm new to this group & just looking for bit of advice / reassurance from anyone going through it that has been through similar, 5 weeks ago I was having blood in urine, slight pain in side & back, doctor though kidney infection  gave antibiotics, same thing happened a week later, doctor suspects kidney stones so referred for scan, a weeks later same again so doctor advised going to a &e for emergency scan, this showed up a mass on left kidney approx 10cm by 8cm, told it would be treated as cancer until they find out otherwise, 3 dsts later I had a ct scan with dye through a canular to scan kidneys & chest, 5 days later I get a call to go for results with consultant urologist to discuss results & what will happen going forward, now I'm dreading the worst, trying to think positive but also fearing the worst, j know they dont mess about when it comes to the c word but it's all gone very fast from having the initial scan & finding the mass to having a second scan & the results in a week & a half, I shouldnt Google things but just cant help it, I know it could be nothing too bad & worse case I lose a kidney but I just worry the fact its obviously bern growing for some time & that its spread, I feel fine health wise apart from blood in urine n niggling pain in my side and back & cant fathom out that is the size it us & I'm only just having symptoms, i know everyone is different but has anyone else been through a similar experience & it's not been cancer or nothing serious, just need big of reassurance that it's not always bad, I'm 46 with 5 children youngest is 2 .

  • Hello Shellb, 

    You did well to go and see a doctor when you noticed blood in your urine and it's good that your doctor was thorough and advised that you have this emergency scan. It's normal to be anxious as you are waiting to find out exactly what it is and have received this phone call to see the consultant urologist. Try not to anticipate what it might be though if you can - you will be in the best possible hands to get these symptoms and this issue sorted. You are right that it is best as you are waiting to find out more to resist the temptation to look things up on Google as this will only make your anxiety worse. Try to keep busy and distracted if you can - it won't be long now until you get clarity on what is causing these symptoms. 

    While you are waiting, I thought I would share with you these helpful tips to help you cope while waiting for important news. 

    I hope that you will also hear from other forum members who've been in a similar situation before and that they will be along shortly to share their experience with you. 

    Wishing you the very best of luck for your results - everything tightly crossed for you! 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Thankyou for your reply, 1 more day to go till I find out results & as much as I want to know so I can get the right treatment I also sort if want to bury my head in the sand & pretend its not happening if that makes sense, I think because everything has happened so quickly it's hard to take it all in, I've been keeping myself busy so my mind doesn't wander but it's very hard not to be positive & think the worst, heres hoping that all the worrying will have been unnecessary. 

  • Hi Shellb, I’ve just joined this forum today and found you post. Firstly, I really hope you’re ok? I think you’re post above was 5 months ago so will no doubt feel like a lifetime ago to you now. I wanted to message as I’m going through something very similar - my husband had blood in his urine, thought he had Kidney stones that passed, doc sent him for CT scan which showed up mass on one Kidney. He is only 45 & we have 2 kids. We are currently waiting on another scan to check his chest area. I’m terrified. Anyway, if you’re still on the forum, I wondered how you’re doing now?  Thanks 

  • Hi golly are you on the forum still as it was 3 months ago,maybe you didn’t stay on it? 

  • Hi Shelley are you still on the forum was going to ask you a question.Hope things are ok x 

  • Hi Betbunhugo, sorry for the delay in replying.  I'm here, so let me know if I can help you with anything.  thanks gilly