Just diagnosed.

Hi, I'm new to the forum and don't seem to be able to post anything. Third time lucky! 

I'm looking for advice on what I can be doing to prepare and reduce stress whilst waiting for the details of my treatment plan. They said probably chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. 

  • Sj 

    is it breast cancer you have been diagnosed with ? 
    love Lara ️

  • Hi Lara, yes, invasive ductal carcinoma. I've had to have a repeat biopsy on my lymph node which is adding an extra 4 week wait to getting the details of my treatment plan. I'm finding the waiting is getting harder with each added week as I just want to start any treatment they recommend. 

  • Sj 

    the waiting is horrendous because it's like a car crash on diagnosis then the wait on top 

    but on a positive note I was diagnosed in July 22 by November it was like a distant memory things move quick and as time goes by accepting it gets easier too 

    but it's deffo a rollercoaster I'm already waiting and can't wait for my 1st annual check so we get over it all then counting days to get the first check ect . 

    I hope you get the results soon and can move quickly to your plan x 

    I soevt that time getting brows done incase of chemo bought wigs hair pieces and hats lashes ect and then didn't end up having chemo it's crazy 

    xxx ️


    Hi SJ23,

    A very warm welcome to our forum.

    I can fully understand why you're getting so frustrated with the wait for biopsy results. Try to find some activity to keep you busy in the meanwhile. Also, keep away from the internet until you know what you are dealing with. It will serve no useful purpose other than to scare you.

    Always here for you.#Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx