Help us shape the future of our cancer information leaflets

Cancer Research UK produces information leaflets aimed at the public covering ways of reducing the risk of developing cancer and improving early diagnosis.  We also have a smaller range of printed resources for people who’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer.

We used to send out millions of leaflets every year, however, following the effects of Covid-19 on the way healthcare is provided, we are considering the best ways of providing information about cancer in the future. 

We’d like people affected by cancer to take part in a short survey, to tell us about how you like to receive and access information about your health and what kind of information most resonates with you. We’re also interested to hear about the kind of information you or your loved ones would have found useful before you were diagnosed.

Time commitment: One-off survey, up to 10 minutes to complete.

Closing date: Tuesday 2 August

Thank you for your time

  • I made some comments about info for children when completing the survey. Forgot to mention that some sites use animation to get points across to children or really good video info on-line. CRUK has nothing for children (unless I missed it!).

    There is a tendency to over-protect children from words like the big C, but with climate change and skin cancer risks rising that is no longer appropriate. Children need to be fully sun aware in the UK as much as they are in say Australia.

    Children can be made more aware using fun games. So no scary language, but children do need to know how important sun sense is and be able to challenge parents who aren't aware/won't read or react to sun safety information.

    The best place to disseminate information to children is through schools, I feel. 

  • That's great RoseStarBlue and you make a good point.

    I'm sure your thoughts will be very much appreciated and we'll pass on your additional comments to the team

    Best wishes,

    Moderator Anastasia

  • Thank you Anastasia. I was thinking this actually needs to start in nursery or infants level so that damage isn't done too young – young skin is so sensitive and skin damage is cumulative. Sun safety should be as much part of every day life as brushing teeth. Also there is a common misperception that cloudy means sun safe. Unless I'm wrong (though I only realised this very recently!) it doesn't. 

  • Has the survey closed early? The link does not work for me, thanks.

  • Hello Milidduwa, 

    Thank you for letting us know. It seems there was a little blip and I have now fixed the link and it should work well for you now. Thanks a lot for your intererest. 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator