Stage 4 colon cancer

Hello Everyone new to the forum.  I am 46 with 2 teenagers and was diagnosed in 2013 with colon cancer (Duke B with no spread) had surgery but declined adjuvant chemotherapy as I was too weak then and felt my body would not manage.  I have just been told it has spread to my liver and just wanted to ask about experiences with chemotherapy/ immunotherapy for colon cancer.  Has this been successful for anyone? I am currently fit and well and feel that chemotherapy might take me on a downward spiral.  I am yet to see an oncologist but feel a bit apprehensive about it all. I really would welcome some advice.  Is it advisable to ask the clinician how long you have left, I think that would really depress me currently I'm just going to start planning for the inevitable.  My husband has asked that I stay positive.  I read that there has been advances in treatment but I have not read any first hand experiences of this. 11 years on  I am so grateful as my kids could have grown up without a mom, I live for them and really would like to do whatever it takes to prolong my life. Most say a healthy Balance diet but with colon cancer with no large bowels I can't tolerate many foods can't eat much raw vegetables/ fruits/cereal as they give me the worse cramps, t would be nice to hear others experiences regards diet.  Thanks and sorry for the long post.

  • Very sorry to hear about your cancer.  
    You mention preparing for the inevitable, but that may not be the case. Unless they have already handed you a terminal diagnosis, of course.
    I'm not a medic. But I know that in some cases, and I hope you are one of them, colon cancer, spread to liver, can still be treated with curative intent. So my advice is to get as much information as possible, learn about the different options, then decide what you want to do.
    There are known centres of excellence in the UK for colon cancer. Do not hesitate to identify them, and seek a second opinion, if you are unsure of anything.
    Wishing you all the best. x Harry

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    Hello Harry thanks loads for your response,  words are so powerful and yours have made me feel so much more hopeful .  My emotions have been all over since being told  but I have now  decided to keep positive whatever the outlook.  I have tried doing some research but nothing yet really thus the reason for joining the group for 1st hand experiences.  Thanks again for your kind words.


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    You will get through this. You will but your mindset is so important. My dad is going through this now - and you need strong people around you and to set your sights on the goal to get better. We have some of the best health care in the world here. Don’t “prepare for the inevitable” just yet please. Are you on a low fibre diet?