Has anyone asked for a 2nd Opinion after being told they have terminal cancer?

I'm curious to know if anyone that posts here, on being told their cancer is terminal has asked for a second opinion? 

Was the team advising you annoyed that you didn't trust them or doubted them?

Were you given the name of a specialist in a different hospital/trust or within the same hospital?

Thank you 

  • Hello Bazza03

    I can see that your post hasn't had any replies as yet. I know that we have had members post previously who have asked for a second opinion after a diagnosis although I'm not sure if they had been given an incurable diagnosis. Hopefully  you will get some replies from people who have asked for a second opinion. 

    In the meantime I wanted to share with you the information we have on our website about getting a second opinion. I think that it's perfectly understandable that people sometimes feel that they would like a second opinion after a diagnosis and I'm sure that the team responsible for your care would be open to a discussion about this. 

    If you have any further concerns about accessing a second opinion you can always get in touch with the hospital PALS team for support. 

    Best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator