Lung cancer - diagnosed with secondary bone mets, prognosis not good

I started my story about 3 months ago in the moving on section then the living with cancer section having seen my oncologist today i have secondary bone mets.

without treatment he gave me 6 months with treatment 2 years maybe i did say i would update my story so there its is .

  • Its a very sad story and I almost didn't want to read it but I didn't want you to think no one had read it ,if it was me I would definitely have the treatment because new treatments are being discovered everyday plus 2 years is quite a long time so I really hope you accept the treatment because you just never know what's in the pipeline another thing I would do is improve my diet get as fit as I possibly could and look for alternative medicine ,you have nothing to lose and maybe something to gain ,regardless of  what you decide I wish you well Micky ,from Jenny .

  • Thanks for the reply jenny my wife made my mind up for me im having the treatment chemo one dose every 3 weeks 4 doses in total radio kept in reserve and immuno maybe at some point but my crohns puts them off that im a cheery sort of person so its chin up and see what happens .

  • I'm glad to hear that ,I would be saying the same to my husband sending you and your wife my very Best Wishes for the future x

  • Thanks jenny all the best to you and your family

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    Are well its my 1st of 4  sessions of chemo today at lreast there are 3week breaks inbetween ive been taking cbd oil not priscribed i might add still i feel great at the momment so chin up and enjoy i say.

  • Hi Micky glad to hear you're feeling good today ,sounds like its good stuff that cbd oil its been in the news a lot over the last few years for good reason ,keep up the good work is what I say ,hoping the chemo goes well for you today you sound positive stay positive let us know how it goes .

  • well im a bit sore this morning but other than that i feel ok ive got a list of do,s and dont.s tablets and self injections to take but touch wood one down 3 to go.

  • Well done onwards and upwards Micky .