Triple negative breast cancer

Hi if been diagnosed with stage 1 triple negative breast cancer they told me I would need 6 chemotherapy and a week off radiotherapy now iv getting results of my operation and it hasnt spread I could have my treatment changed just wondering if I will still need chemotherapy has this happened to anyone else xx

  • Hi Emma

    I to also have triple negative, initially they thought it was hormone positive but after my surgery and lymph biopsy we found out. 

    I started chemo yesterday consultant said I would have 6 sessions every 3 weeks then weekly for 3 weeks 4th week off x3 followed by 10 days of radiotherapy. When I started yesterday the nurse said first bit was wrong it is 6 but over 3 sessions.

    Oncology will tell you what you will be getting after it's been discussed at your mdt meeting. 

    Louise x


  • Thank you louise I realy hope I get away with just having radiotherapy they did say I needed 6 sessions chemotherapy but since finding out it hasnt spread I'm just waiting for another consultant to decide what treatment I'm gonna get iv got 2 have a genetic test as well xxxx hope your treatment does well xxx

  • Hi Emma 


    I've sent you message xx

  • Hey there, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.

    All I will say is that you should request a full body scan once the treatment is done. My mother in law went down the same route and rung the bell when chemo was finished but the cancer had spread to distant areas (lung, brain and adrenal gland) but at the end of her treatment for the breast cancer she only had a mammogram so didn’t know at the time that it had spread. It’s only when she went for a blood test then more scans that they then realised it had spread to 3 other places.

    I wish you all the best x

  • Charlotte 

    I think these threads are 2 years ago but hopefully someone may pick them up and reply to you love Lara xxx 

  • Oh I see :( 

    Hopefully someone does see them. Thank you for letting me know - I’m new here so obviously blind and didn’t see the massive “2 years ago” above the post LOL! 

    All the best xx