Triple negative breast cancer diagnosis at 32


I’ve been diagnosed with stage 2, grade 3 triple negative invasive breast cancer at the age of 32.  I was diagnosed on 30th April and still currently no plan to start treatment due to NHS backlogs but I’ve been told I will need 6 months of chemo (paclitaxel/EC) followed by surgery.

I just wondered if there is anybody else in a similar situation to me as I’m feeling very alone.  I have 2 small children and the thought of chemo is terrifying to me. 

I’m also awaiting results of the genetic tests but this will be at least 4 more weeks.

Thanks x

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    I too have been diagnosed with TNBC at 34. 

    So sorry you have found yourself in this situation too!! 

    Have you asked your BCN to chase the start of your treatment? Seems a long time to me but others who have started treatment may say it’s normal.

    Had my MRI/CT scan last week and awaiting my oncologist appointment to get those results. It’s the waiting and hearing nothing for me after you’ve been told we have this horrible BC, it’s torture. All you hear is early detection is key so I’m currently anxious that it’s spreading as we speak. However, I said that to the consultant who broke the news and his argument was if it worked like that then no cancer would ever be treated successfully… 

    How old are your children? My little boy is 1/nearly 2. He’s very active and full on so worrying about how I can do chemo and still be a good mum. 

    Hope you hear something soon! ♥️ 

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    thanks so much for replying - my boys are 5 and 20 months so very similar situation. I’m really worried and just keep getting told that I have support, but I don’t want to let them down.

    I am going to chase today but I’ve had to have further biopsies following the mri which has delayed things.  My mri was also cancelled twice to prioritise emergencies which I found really difficult.  

    I’m glad it seems that your treatment is being sorted a little quicker - I live in east London and it just seems that the NHS are too busy to see everyone quickly unfortunately. 

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    The NHS target is 6 weeks from diagnosis to the commencement of treatment. If you've heard nothing by the 5th week, i'd call them. If you get palmed off with backlog excuses, i'd go above the secretary and move onto management. You could really do without an extra layer of **** on top of the **** you are already dealing with, but 6 weeks is the recommended target. Or at least it used to be.

    Do not just keep accepting these inane answers without going higher. Grade 3 is aggressive, thus you deserve better answers than you're currently getting. About the MRI, sometimes nag power is the way to go. Like, call them every day for a cancellation appointment. They'll soon get sick of you and will more likely accommodate you. People do this all the time.