My partner diagnosed at stage 4 cancer at age 30

I don't even know what to write. I just feel like I need to talk to people who understand what we are going through as a family. I'm 29 my partner 30 we have been together 11 years. We have a 8 year boy and 3 year old twin boys. 

He started getting a lump on his back being his typical laid back self he put off getting it seen. It's now fungating and he finally got see on Friday at a&e followed by a ct scan yesterday showing the cancer has spread to his lung and arm pit. We are absolutely devastated. How on earth do we well our boys, what do we tell them when we are so unsure of everything ourselves. 

We are so young I just can not get my head around this. We doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, never touched a drug in his life now this devastating news. 

We have an appointment tomorrow with the consultant to find out what treatment if any will be offered but I'm fearing the worst he's in pain and so tired and pale already I fear the end is only around the corner.

  • Yeah we planned ours in 7weeks, I actually can't imagine waiting two years to have a wedding like most people do now haha! I was so worried it would be a sad day but it was just amazing. I see your husband just had a CT scan, mine had his 6 month CT scan on Monday so we're waiting to see how he's doing from that as well..I hope you get good results! X

  • Funny I said the same I wouldnt like to drag the planning out I enjoyed the rush of it all. Again I thought it would incredibly sad but we all had the best day and I'm glad to read it was the same for yous! Yes yesterday super intrigued to see what the results come back as he's feeling so well at the minute! I'll keep everything crossed that your husbands results are as good as they can be! X

  • Aw that's so good you had a brilliant day! Do you ever find it strange that things seem good? I almost forget sometimes as he's been quite normal most of the time the last month or so, it's a weird feeling! I randomly get hit with anxiety as well sometimes which is annoying, don't think brains are made to handle this kind of situation