Bowel polyps

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Please let me give you some background. My husband had minor changes in his bowel habit, tummy pain and rectal bleeding which got worse. He also had a narrow stool once. Anyway, he got referred on the 2 week pathway after 2 instances of blood for a colonoscopy. He's 36. Anyway, he had this done yesterday which thankfully said no tumours were found. They found 2 polyps though. 1 large at 10mm and 1 at 7mm. They removed them and he's doing well. My question is they said about a repeat colonoscopy in 6 months to check the area 'to make sure they got everything' that's if his biopsy is clear from yesterdays procedure. The doctor seemed to think it will be. However, going forward as my husband is so young relatively speaking what is the normal surveillance procedure now? His mothers had large polyps picked up and removed but not young- she was in her 60s. Should he permanently be on an early surveillance prog now permanently or just if he continues to get issues. An early surveillance prog has been mentioned but I'm not sure what. There's no history of bowel cancer in his family just these large polyps. 

is there anything we can do if he is predisposed genetically to prevent bowel cancer and thinking for our daughter should we do anything when she gets older to ensure she's gut healthy. / will need surveillance 


sorry to post in that group.. I'm not sure where else to post. 

  • Hi Fairy219086,

    My name is Paul, a 62 Yr old male from cumbria. I got my FIT age 60 test kit sent through the post 2 try late because of the covid and Botis Johnson fiasco. I gave a positive test so was booked in for a colonoscopy. They found 2 polyps which they removed, and one 25mm tumour which they did not. It turned out to be cancer and I've had the usual operation and ileostomy bag fitted, and subsequent checks due periodically. I can tell you this, all polyps are not cancer, some come away on their own. If you have had some removed, tested, and non remain then you don't necessarily need tested every 6 months or so. Polyps are slow growing, my info is that most people around 45 will start to get them. The age for the test kit has gone down to 55 if you request one via GP. Scotland has lowered their kits to 50yr old across the board. Bowl polyps are common, especially as more kits are made available go more people. Hospitals are outsourcing colonoscopy and biopsy sampling to private companies, speak to your GP on this topic, were all susceptible to these because of our western lifestyle. Lifestyle changes is the key to reducing risks of cancer or polyps that can turn into cancer. Get info from health care professionals. 



  • Thanks Paul. I think had my husband not had this then I believe testing starts at 60. I was just wondering as when I researched it that if a parent had either bowel cancer or polyps and you're under 50 they keep an eye. 

  • Hi fairy219i have recently had 64 polyps removed in one session . My last year has been total hell constant bleeding and major pains in my stomach doctor said it was piles but when I went for colonolscopy they found  9 polyps within the year of waiting I had 64 removed and still some there even after the 64 have been removed there's no difference to my symptoms this has kept me off work due to pain bleeding realy bad pains pooing myself no energy altogether just feel weak useless have always worked all my life having to adapt to change .n now the hospital doctor is having to refer me to clinical genetics I don't even know what that is .