Happy Easter from the Cancer Chat Team: send a message of support here for a loved one

Wishing every single member of our community a very happy Easter. May it be a time to relax a little if you can, indulge a little too with chocolate and other treats if you can, and spend time with your family and loved ones if you can.

We have all seen on the news recently how cancer has been affecting the royal family. King Charles is undergoing cancer treatment and appearing this morning at Easter Sunday Church service in Windsor, his first major public appearance apparently since being diagnosed with cancer. Catherine, the Princess of Wales, is not able to attend the Easter Sunday service due to cancer treatment and I wish them a quick recovery. Just as  I wish each one of you who has had a cancer diagnosis and is going through cancer treatment at the moment to recover fully and quickly so that this can soon just be a bad distant memory. 

All this is a reminder of how cancer can suddenly rear its ugly head and change anyone's life so suddenly and Easter is a time when the support of our loved ones can mean so much to us. It can be the thing that keeps you going when treatment makes you feel drained or exhausted. So I would like us all to use this thread to write a little note for a loved one who has helped more than they can imagine so that they can have a little surprise for Easter and see it posted here (don't post their full names though or the moderator in me will strike ha ha!!) . It might just be one special friend or neighbour you want to thank for driving you to hospital for treatment for example, or you might be a carer, partner or friend of a cancer patient and you want to use this thread to send your love and support; it's totally up to you who you want to single out on this thread for being simply amazing. 

A very happy Easter to you all,