Share a Song For Your Mum

Our mums touch our hearts in so many ways. For many of you, today will be a sad day if you have lost your mum, a day when you will remember her and treasure fond memories with her, when she will be very much present even though she may no longer be there. 

So today I would like us to celebrate all our mums in a different way by inviting you to share the name of a song you associate with your mum, or a song that best celebrates your mum or simply a song that best describes motherly love. The song that springs to my mind right now is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as he desperately calls for his mum in almost every line of the song calling her "mama", then the more operatic bit goes "Mamma mia, Mamma mia, Mamma mia...". That's just one funny example but the song can really be anything you associate with your mum. Feel free also to create your own song or poem and share it here.

So what's your Mum song? 

I look forward to reading all your musical insights and contributions!

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator