How can I support my friend

My best friend of over 50 has been diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer.  She has been told it can't be cured but it is treatable.  She will be starting her treatment shortly.  What can I do to help and support her.

  • I know how you feel, my partner has colon cancer. It's been very traumatic.  I asked my loved one what he would like me to do. I have liaised with his work, took him to appointments,  made his favourite food. But most of all given cuddles and hold his hand and tell him how much he is loved. Your friend is very lucky to have you care so much. I wish you both well xxx

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    Thank you, I wish you and your partner the same.  Sending hugs xx

  • Do you know what treatment she will be having? I guess in terms of support, just be there for her - understand she will have down days but make the most of days when she's feeling good - can you do something together at those times? If you're able to assist with transport to and from appointments, even providing small meals now and again and doing some of the tasks of the daily grind. All these things can help.

    Encourage your friend to talk - to anybody she feels comfortable talking to. You, family, Macmillian, support services,

  • Thank you for your suggestions x