Shocking news about Dad's advanced Cancer

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My dad developed high swinging fever last week, then 24 hours of worsening right sided abdominal pain, which led to shocking discovery of multiple massive tumours in the liver with cirrhosis, largest one in the right lobe being 14cm and largest one in the left lobe being 11cm. I am in shock and feeling utterly useless as a medic myself having missed my own's father diagnosis. I am a UK citizen and a doctor, but recently qualified, I am still not getting over what I could have done to revert this or at least control this situation. But realistically, I wish to get chemo-treatment in the UK but unsure of affordability as he would not be eligible under NHS, is there any charitable treatment I could get with partial self-funding or any way of finding out about how to have my Dad with me for the last few months of his life. I am his baby girl after all and both him and I wants to spend the last moments together. Any suggestion would be helpful.

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  • Hello SuC,

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad and can understand how you're feeling, but please don't blame yourself. The NHS website has some information on accessing NHS services in England, but it depends on a number of factors. For example, if your dad is able to visit for more than six months he may be able to access services on a similar basis to an ordinary resident, but in some cases there's an immigration health surcharge, which is part of the visa process. There's also some guidance on NHS charges on the government website. To make sure you get the best advice for your situation, I'd suggest you call the 111 NHS helpline and you check with the relevant health authority where you live before he travels to the UK to get a better idea.

    I hope this helps and all the best,

    Moderator Anastasia