My husband had surgery for colon cancer, then chemotherapy, and is now undergoing immunotherapy. How can I relieve the numbness in his hands and feet?

My husband has colon cancer. He had surgery and a gastric pouch was placed. He had chemotherapy a month later. He had a PET CT scan a month after chemotherapy. Many tumors grew in his stomach. He is now undergoing immunotherapy, but he often has numbness in his hands and feet, which affects his sleep. Does anyone know how to relieve the numbness in his hands and feet? Can immunotherapy kill cancer cells? Can it increase the survival rate? I'm scared. It would be great if the cancer could be transferred to me. 

  • Hello Lisa-May,

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband and how this is affecting you both. Immunotherapy can help treat the cancer but this needs close monitoring to see if things are improving and to take into account any side effects that may be occurring, so it's important that speak about any changes with his doctor, if you haven't already. I can understand how you're feeling, but please know that it's natural to feel helpless in this situation, but you're doing everything you can and we have guidance for loved ones affected cancer which I hope can reassure you in some way.

    There are some tips on improving nerve changes due to cancer treatment on our website. I hope this is useful and if you'd like to speak to our team of cancer nurses, you can on the free advice line 0808 800 4040. Lines are open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

    Best wishes,

    Moderator Anastasia

  • Thank you. I use the Chinese method to help my husband soak his feet in hot water every night and then massage them. He has been sleeping well these past few nights.