Update on my husband's bowel surgery

Hi , just an update on my husband.

He had his bowel surgery on Thursday. Al went well. He didn't need a stoma. Had an epidural & Oxycodone for the pain. Today, all the tubes & catheter out. The physio has had him up & walking. He is eating as best he can, mostly liquid. The consultant is happy with his progress. We just need to wait now for biopsy results from his lymph nodes. He is in quite a bit of pain now the epidural has worn off but,  considering he's only 24 hrs post op, he's doing really well. Take care all x

  • Hello Fananne, 

    Thank you for taking the time to come here and update us on your husband's bowel surgery. I am so glad your husband's bowel surgery on Thursday went well and it's great that all the tubes and catheter are out already and the physio has had him walking. He seems to be making really good progress with his recovery and it's reassuring that the consultant seems very happy with how things are going. Our website has detailed information on what tends to happen after surgery for bowel cancer and touch wood he will continue to do well in the coming days and weeks and he will be able to come home soon. 

    Waiting for biopsy results can be nerve-racking and I am keeping everything crossed for you that everything is fine with the lymph nodes. It's normal that he is in pain now that the epidural has worn off and I hope that he will be offered effective pain relief. If you see that he is struggling and in too much pain, make sure you mention it to the nurses in the hospital looking after him so that they can make sure he is able to rest and recover while being as pain free as possible. When you wrote your post he was only 24 hours post op, how has he been two days on? I hope he is continuing to make progress and that he isn't in any pain now. 

    Wishing him a full and speedy recovery, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Hi Lucie. My husband is home now. He's doing really well.  Pain relief when he needs it & taking it very easy. Started to eat a bit more solid foods ie, white toast, potato etc. . Still a very careful bland diet . A little & often.

    He is scheduled to have the staples out on Monday. We are very grateful to the medical team who cared for him. He really is doing well considering what he's had done. I'm sure,in part, it's due to his fitness pre op. Hopefully his recovery will continue.

  • Hi Fananne, 

    Thank you for the update - it's great your husband has been able to come home now and that he is doing so well. It sounds like the pain relief is working well for him too as he is only taking it when he needs it. He is right to be taking it very easy though as he continues to recover and it's a good idea to be careful with a bland diet. 

    I hope all goes well when they remove the staples on Monday. It sounds like he had the most wonderful medical care and you're right his pre-op fitness was definitely a plus. 

     Please wish him a full and quick recovery on behalf of the Cancer Chat team! 


  • Hi Lucie.

    We got the results from the lymph nodes that were removed. Two showed cancer cells so he is starting a 3 cycle of combined fusion and oral chemotherapy next week.

    He keeps asking the hospital " am I going to die" ? 

    We've tried to explain to him that all the cancer was removed & it's adjuvant chemotherapy he's having but sometimes he's convinced he's going to die ! I know he's scared . He's normally a positive person but this has knocked us for six.

    We recently, in the past 3 months , have lost his sister & her husband to cancer . We both helped to care for them both this last 12 months. It's been very hard & I'm sure it's a factor as to how he's feeling 

    I love him dearly & it hurts so much to see him this way. How can I get through to him that he is going to be fine 

  • He's not going to die! I'm had chemo/Radio, surgery then some post surgery 'mop-up' which I didn't manage to complete. I had 8 Lymph nodes removed (I think). In a few weeks time he'll be completely cancer free - even now there's nothing concrete, this is to do the most they can do to make sure it doesn't come back.

    It is no doubt a hard grind and it's tough by the end mentally and physically- but the end of this fight is very very close, and it's a hugely positive outcome. Take it a day at a time and it will be done with. From then on, do all the things you both love. 

    Sending positive wishes

  • Hi Geeker.

    He's doing really well I thought.

    We've lost both his sister & brother- in- law very recently to cancer & I think that's what's making him think the way he is. I know he's going to be fine.  Once he gets started on Monday with the chemo I'm sure he will become the positive person he's always been.

    Thanks  for the support & well wishes. Everyone battling cancer is a hero .

    God bless 

  • Yes that must be incredibly tough at the best of times - when you are going through your own battle, it is surely natural to have those feelings.