When do we get help or just someone to talk to

My mum has liver cancer.She had cancer in her eye and spread to liver.Given 6-12months in sept 2023.My Brother has passed away suddenly he was 61.It has had a big effect on my mum.She has started sleeping a lot in her Chair and slurring her words.Shes got sickness and not eatting much as can’t swallow.My mum is 89 years old.she had an appointment at doctors as her blood tests come back and showed up something with kidneys.We went into see her or a doctor I should say as you seem to have a different one everytime.He said what have you come for which didn’t go down well with me.He took her off various tablets.He was looking at another computer,I could see he was looking at letter sent by a hospital.I asked what happens next regarding palative care etc.He said would you like me to refer you to palative care/macmillian.Could he not see that would be advisable.