Bowel Surgery for localised Colon Cancer. Has anyone had this, what can we expect?

My husband is scheduled for bowel surgery this week for localised Colon cancer.

I'm just reaching out to anyone who has experienced this procedure & what, as his carer, can I expect after his operation.

  • Hi Geeker. My husband is now home. Doing really well. Pain relief when he needs it. Diet wise, a little & often. He's managing white toast , potato, cheese etc. Bless him, he's sick of clear soup & rice pudding etc. Taking it very easy. He's scheduled to have the staples out on Monday. We are still waiting for the biopsy results on his lymph nodes. But very pleased with his recovery so far.

  • Brilliant! Sounds like he's doing really well. And that's my usual diet ! Hopefully the biopsy results will be positive too. Thanks for the update.

  • If he has three or less lymph nodes affected i think he will have three months chemo which  is four 21 day sessions which is what i am on, if imore than three its six months chemistry, if it hasn’t got to the lymph nodes he shouldn’t need any chemotherapy, if he does need chemotherapy i find its not as bad as i imagined it to be, i fully understand about the diet because its a nightmare, sorry to hear he is having pain with the opt , it shows how different it is between people, as i never once had any pain which is very strange, anyway good luck