Pain in left testicle when sitting down

Hello, I am 19 years of age. These past two months I've been having ongoing testicle pain while sitting down, it's like a dull ache and it comes and goes. I've been to the doctors about it and I was told I might have something called "epididymitis". However I am so worried about it as i've taken one weeks worth of antibiotics to treat it and the pain is still there. I cant feel a lump whats so ever but it feels a bit sore to touch at the tube? of the testicle. I've had all blood tests and the GP felt my testicle and said it feels fine. Im just so worried, I just feel like i need some type of advice.


To add, ive been having lower back pain when sitting/laying down and I've been having to clear my throat of mucus, I recently went for an X-Ray on my chest to see if there was any anomalys but my lungs were fine.

  • Hi Richard

    Would you mind sharing with me the stretches that you do as I have the same issue.


  • Of course. They're all hip exercises and are basically these (or a slight variation on) them



    I have a foam roller which isn't cheap but if you can get one then I'd recommend it anyway. I use that first on my hamstring, glutes and lower back. Then I'll lie for 5 minutes with my legs at 90 degrees and then for 2 minutes pull my knees gently towards my shoulders (bending knees obviously). Then I'll pick 3 or 4 of those hip exercises and then finally squat down and gently go up and down by a couple of inches at the bottom to try and increase how low I can squat. Do that four or 5 times and you should be able to get lower. 

    It's definitely helped increase blood flow and pain has subsided in about a month. 

    obviously bear in mind we may have a different issue but all my scans, prostate PSA, blood and urine were all clear. If you're the same then hopefully this should start to help on a few weeks. Just keep at it!

  • Thank you very much Richard.

    I have had all the tests and scans and been told I have a varicocele which I wil have treatment for when I get to the top of the waiting list but I am not too sure if this is the issue and I don't really think the Consultants do.

    At least if I have the above proceedure to fix the Varicocele then it will either cure it or we can rule it out.

    I will have a go at the stretches and see if it helps, thanks again I really apprecaite it.

    Kind Regards


  • No problem. There's some specific varicocele exercises on YouTube but they look too hard to be honest but these should do the same thing and get the blood flowing 

  • For the past 5 years ive had a burning sensation in my right testicle, ive been back and forth from the doctors they referred me for a scan which showed nothing (phew), they then referred me to a urologist who said 'it's all in my head the pain' i could have kicked him in the *** haha.

    With more further research by myself, i think its a trapped nerve in my cauda equina, loads of nerves at the bottom of your spine.

    So now im seeing a sports therapist who can hopefully treat me, im also on the verve of having a MRI scan hopefully that will pinpoint the problem.


    Hope this helps

  • Hi Mark,

    Just wondering how things are now with you and if you found some relief from the pain and if you have any suggestions.



  • Is this post still going I'm having the same sort of pain in left testicle, lower abdomen on same side. Saw a doctor a while ago he checked them and said no abnormalities and the pain could be from anywhere and that was it. Pain went away completely for about 6 weeks but now has come back exactly the same as before :/. Pretty certain it's not bladder related as it's only the left side. Seems odd for it to have gone away for such a long time and then come back. It is noticeably worse when I'm at work. My job is physically demanding

  • Hello again

    Its been about a month since any of the other guys posted on this thread so I thought I would reply to you.  I think you should speak to your doctor about your pain just to be on the safe side.  Also I am a bit concerned that Cancer Chat might not be the best pace for you guys to be hanging out.  As it is a cancer forum you may find that it keeps cancer front of mind for you when this may not be what is causing your problems.  Everyone with cancer or concerns about it is welcome on Cancer Chat, but sometimes its not the best place to discuss other health issues.  It might be more helpful to look at the resources available at the Mens Health Forum .

    I hope that is a helpful suggestion


  • Thanks for replying had an emergency GP appointment this morning felt them again said they were fine again. Has basically said most of the time they can't tell where the pain comes from and you just have to live with it. Urine test all come back fine. So that's 2 doctors appointments where they have both said the testicles are fine and they don't know. Said could possibly be a small hernia that he coudont feel or varicocele. Again said nothing they could do. I'm not especially worried about the pain tbh. But I've already missed 2 weeks of work because of this. Had to leave early last night as when I was unloading the lorries the pain was literally bringing tears to my eyes and I have a high pain threshold 

  • Hi Jack02811,

    i am in similar situation and it would be helpful fot me if you can share your experience how its cured?