Potentially lies.

I feel really ashamed having to ask questions on here. But I am at an end.  This is the info. 
I have been told someone I know has metastatic sarcoma stage 4.

Started in mouth under tooth that was extracted.  found my dentist. Was seen for a scan at dentist . Then little lump surface level on throat. To 19 cysts all over body, none near organs. Was told it was stage 4 no cure . Has not been offered any treatments only treatment offered are surgeries to remove cysts. This happens weekly/ fortnightly. The hospital they attended don’t offer PET scans. This has been intotal 9 months.  My question is how can you know it’s stage 4 without the PET scan . 
and my other question is if this was true would this be the process this persons very young. Sorry for this post, 

  • Hello and thank you for your post,

    I am very sorry to hear what has happened to your friend. It must be difficult to comprehend this so I appreciate your question.

    PET scans are not used for every type of cancer, often other types of scans such as a CT scan are used particularly to stage cancer. This means to see where it is in the body. So, it is possible that your friend had a CT or other type of scan, not a PET.

    Please get back to us if you need any more information or support.  You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Take care,


  • Ok thankyou very much for your time.