Abiraterone vs Eligard

Hello, new to the forum.

My father is now several months into prostate cancer treatment after a scary manifestation of symptoms last year. 

He has been on a long course of Eligard to lower his testosterone levels. He has found the drop in his testosterone extremely challenging and it has had a detrimental effect on his quality of life. Obviously I feel fortunate to still have him here, and I'm sure he appreciates the chance to continue to be on this earth, but understand that it must be incredibly difficult.

His latest tests show that his cancer has not metastasised, but his lymph nodes have increased in size.

His oncologist has now advised he take Abiraterone. Do Eligard and Abiraterone perform the same function? On a basic level we understand that they're both testosterone blockers, so we're struggling to see the benefit of a switch.

Thank you in advance!

  • Hello and thanks for posting

    I'm sorry to read about your father's challenges with the side effects of his treatment.  

    The increase in his lymph node size may indicate that Eligard may not be fully effective anymore. But his doctors would need to confirm this.

    Abiraterone works differently than Eligard. It blocks an enzyme which is involved in producing testosterone not just in the testicles but in other parts of the body like the adrenal glands and the prostate cancer cells themselves. By blocking this enzyme Abiraterone reduces testosterone even further than Eligard. This can be more effective in controlling the cancer especially if the cancer cells have adapted to low testosterone levels.

    I hope this is of some help. Give us a ring if you would like to talk anything over.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

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