Breast dimpling information

Hi folks, 

it’s well known that lumps are 8 times times out 10, harmless. There is lots of information about what different lumps feel like and what they could be aside from cancer. So it’s easier to find balanced reassuring information. 

There is a lot less information about breast dimpling. Types of dimpling, it can vary but there’s little information on it. 

I have multiple areas of significant dimpling in one breast and the other is normal. No singular lumps but the GP felt a lot of nodulation in the dimpled breast opposed to the other. I do have larger breasts, and GO said there could be a lump but that it was difficult to feel out for. I’m in my late 30s and haven’t breast fed in over 5 years. 

One stop shop urgent clinic appt booked for Saturday. 

Keen to find balanced pragmatic information about what else breast dimpling can be other than cancer, or the incidence of how often dimpling is cancer. Anything really. Can different types of dimples be more sinister than others? 

The lack of balanced information on dimpling is torturous. 

Thank you for your time advance