Daughter showing signs of leukemia but bloods are ok

Please someone help me my once happy full of life little girl is slowly getting more poorly as the days/weeks go on and I suspect leukemia 

she has lots of ongoing symptoms that come and go and have been for around a month and half but these past few weeks she’s struggling so bad even been to a&e twice in a month with bruising and severve pain in her legs she says it’s like there being pulled and her tummy is being squeezed she’s having night sweats and is very pale she’s exhausted all the time and having flu like symptoms most days especially as the days go on she gets breathless now very quickly and some days the pain in her limbs has her in tears even after little or no walking I feel like no one will listen because her bloods are ok but I also know not all leukemia shows on blood as I’ve seen it first had with my friends son his was not found for 8 months!!!! and can go for a while l before it does enter the blood can anyone please give me some advice??? I’m considering going private as call it mothers instinct but I know something is not right 

thankyou for reading 

  • Hello Sarahcb86 and thanks for your post,

    I can understand having a sick child can cause a lot of concern and I am sorry to hear about this.

    GP's have guidelines when children present with symptoms, particularly when they are young. As I am not involved in your daughter's care it is difficult to throw light on her situation. Doctors can tell quite a lot by a blood test, but if you continue to have concerns then do go back and talk it through with the doctor or another doctor in the practice.

    I am not sure how old your daughter is but there is some information on GP Care Group for children under 5.

    Cancer chat is not the place to diagnose anyone, as your daughter's symptoms are specific to her, but I hope that you can discuss your worries about cancer with your GP.

    I wish you both all the best.