Pain in breast and under arm

Hi iv been getting pain in my right breast for a couple of weeks didn’t take to much notice at first went to see my gp last week who said he thought I had a small cyst that was infected I was getting a very weird cold fluid like sensation down the side of my breast I went to a&e on Saturday evening when I finished the antibiotics cause I still felt the same one docter said she could feel want felt like a cyst with fatty tissue they did bloods and said the infection markers where normal so another docter examine me before discharge and she said she couldn’t feel anything but she would recommend I get a mammogram I’m still in pain and have made a nother appointment with my gp  confused if she couldn’t feel anything why would she think I need a mammogram ? I’m 40 yrs old would you recommend I go and get a private breast ultrasound done 

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    Although breast pain isn't usually a common symptom of breast cancer, it's always a good idea to go back and see your GP for further advice about your breast symptoms. They may consider referring you to the breast clinic for further assessment. There you would see a breast specialist or specialist nurse who will examine you. They will decide whether you need to have a mammogram and possibly an ultrasound or both. Sometimes a needle biopsy is suggested if the scan shows changes in the breast that the doctors are not sure about. This does not mean that anything is particularly wrong but the biopsy will usually confirm what it is. The majority of women who are referred to the breast clinic do not have breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer Now has information on what what to expect when you’ve been referred to a breast clinic.

    I hope everything turns out to be okay.Give us a ring if you would like to talk anything over. The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

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    how did you get on today ? X 

  • Hi iv not long got back had some good news they did a Mammogram and scan is it just a cyst but because it’s causing me a lot of pain I need to monitor it and go back in 4 weeks  if there’s no change they still could not explain the cold fluid like feeling I was experiencing thou the scan shows no fluid thank you much for your advice hope all goes well  with u x

  • So happy all was good lovely take care love Lara xx