I am due to start chemotherapy for breast cancer. 

Please could any share their experiences.  I'm a nervous wreck, unsure whether to carry on working etc... scared of the side effects etc.

Is the pain really bad?

Any experience would be much appreciated. 

Thank you 

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    Ho, was it more than 50%

  • Hi , how did your 1st chemo go? I hope you're ok xx

  • I just had my first appointment with the oncologist and hopefully my last with her as she was horrific, cold totally lacking empathy and not a sympathic bone in her body.

    The cold cap has never been mentioned to me by any of the Bzc nurses or the oncologist even though I know the local hospital was gifted one and had it still in 2022.

    All Ive kept being told is I will lose my hair.

    I've bought loads of wigs from shein since November when I was first told chemo was a possibility. I was told by the nurse on Tuesday that they will supply a wig and names of salons who can style it for me. (I'm in Scotland) 

    Please keep us updated on how your chemo goes x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this.

    My breast care nurse wasn't compassionate.  When she told me in January that I might have to have chemotherapy, I burst into tears. I was on my own that day. When I cried, she got up and walked me out the the door. 

    So I completely understand how you feel , I really do. Could you speak to the Oncologist receptionist and ask if you could have the cold cap? If that's what you would like?

    Luckily,  I only get calls from her now. The last call was from her colleague as she was absent and she was so much better. Sympathy and didn't rush me.

    My Oncologist was amazing and the nurse who accompanied him was amazing.  

  • Hi Anjaya, sorry for the late reply, have only just spotted you message. First chemo went really smoothly and side effects minimal. I've  had a few headaches, which I'm prone to anyway. Sleep is my biggest issue at the moment. I wake up about 4.30am, then can't get back off. I think it's more to do with hot flushes since coming off hrt, than the chemo though. Started my 7 day course of injections yesterday, to boost white blood cells, that has also been fine. Try not to be too scared, it definitely effects people differently. I'm on Ec for 3 cycles, then move onto docetaxel  for 4 cycles. The docetaxel worries me a bit as I've heard this is a bit harsher. Hope your chemo goes well and I'm always here for a chat. Xx

  • I'm pleased that you have had minimal side effects.  I'm having the same drugs as you but x3 of each.

    Glad the injections have gone well too. Have you seen any hair loss yet?xx

    Hope your sleep pattern gets better. I'm worried about the docetaxel too xx

    Thank you and likewise xx

  • No hair loss as yet, feel a bit apprehensive about this to be honest.I have heard the docetaxel can be hard on the nails, so I've already started using a product called polybalm. It was recommended by someone on this site, after a bit of research I decided to give it a try. Do you know when your first treatment will be?

  • It's shocking isn't it that people like that are involved with people at their most vulnerable.

    The cold cap wasn't mentioned by any one I've seen, I know the hospital had one up to 2022. No idea if they still have it but its hasn't been mentioned or offered.

    I've heard from people who say the headaches from it are really bad, I've been getting migraines since I was 11, I don't cope well with headaches. 

    I'm glad you won't have to see that woman again,  my BC nurse is going to try and get my oncologist changed, I told her I can't possibly be dealing with her when I'm at my most vulnerable 

  • I'm so sorry yo hear this. You're right. They should be more compassionate.  I good you get to change your Oncologist.

    I'm going to my appointment tomorrow so I will know more about the cold cap tomorrow.

    I suffer with really bad migraines so I will see how I go. 

    It's a shame that the cold. Cap wasn't offered to you.

    Big hugs xx