Pembro and Addisons disease.

Hi, for the last four sessions of chemotherapy I received EC & pembro. After the third session it was discovered that the pembro has given me Addisons which has basically shut down my bodies ability to produce cortisone. I have since been on 20ml of hydrocortisone every day to substitute what my body should be naturally producing. My oncologist, previous to the last treatment, was suggesting that a course of pembro every 6 weeks for 2 years would be advised to help keep the cancer from returning. In my opinion the Pembro has wrecked my own immune system so to say l am somewhat not on board with this plan is an understatement. Please could you give me your opinion, as any thoughts at this time would be helpful. Thank you. 

  • Hello Lissianthus10

    I am sorry to hear about your situation and appreciate your concerns about having further pembrolizumab treatment.

    I think you are asking for a second opinion and unfortunately that as nurses this isn't something we can help you with. If you are concerned about the problems pembrolizumab may cause you, this need to be discussed with your specialist team. Tell them what you are most worried about and what the best way forward is for you.

    Best wishes