Cell changes

What does borderline cervical changes mean?

I have hov.

  • Hello Fallmare and thanks for posting

    It can be a worry to receive news about an abnormal cervical screening test but try not to over think this for now.

    Cervical screening is all about preventing cancer by picking up abnormality that can be monitored or treated until everything returns to normal.

    These days the first test carried out is to check for high risk strains of HPV the Human Papilloma Virus. HPV is a common infection passed through intimate skin to skin contact and most people who are sexually active will come in contact with it at some point in their lifetime. Most of the time it is harmless and the bodies in built immune system will clear it within a couple of years of coming in contact with it. 

    However HPV can cause cells in the cervix to turn abnormal which left over time may eventually turn into cancer. This is why if they can determine those who have HPV they can then check the sample for abnormal cells and remove them if necessary. Borderline changes means there is a slight difference to some normal cells in the cervix. These are regarded as early changes and often these borderline cells resolve by themselves. However most people with some change to their cells are seen in colposcopy where they can take a closer look at the cervix just to be sure that no treatment is needed.

    If at colposcopy everything is okay they will likely ask you to repeat the cervical screening test in a years time to check if the HPV has cleared and no further action or treatment is needed.

    I hope this is helpful. Please get back to us if you need any more information or support.  You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

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  • Thankyou Naomi.. appreciate you replying.