Ultrasound "Normal" but fibroid and cyst found?


I was just wondering if anyone knows what the thresholds are for cysts/fibroids (within the NHS) to be classed as abnormal?

I've just had pelvic ultrasounds, after breakthrough bleeding, abdominal(llq)/referred pain, and a myriad of other relatively mild but certainly frustrating symptoms.

The report has just come back and it says "Normal" with no follow up needed, but they did identify a uterine fibroid and a follicular ovarian cyst on the left (the side where I've been experiencing pain). Neither are massive (under 3cm) but they're still there, you know?

My mother had a hysterectomy due to issues caused by fibroids, as well as tumors removed from her bladder, followed by chemo, so I'm wanting to make sure I can continue to follow this up if my pain persists or worsens.

I already suffer from chronic abdominal pain (ruq) due to complications from a severe illness a few years ago, so I'll accept my body's response to pain in this region might be out of whack, but that doesn't make much difference if I'm still experiencing the pain regardless of if it's a normal response or not?

Just wondering how I might be best to approach my GP about this matter.


  • Hello aanw and thanks for posting

    I am sorry to hear about the symptoms you have been having and appreciate how your mum's past medical history must be playing on your mind.

    I do suggest you go and speak with your GP about the ultrasound results so they can put your mind at ease. They may also be able to suggest some things to ease these symptoms.

    Both ovarian cysts and fibroids are fairly common and most will be harmless and resolve themselves with time. The good thing about an ultrasound is it can pick up the size and any other features that could be of concern that warrants further tests or monitoring. It is reassuring that nothing untoward was highlighted on your ultrasound.

    However like with all symptoms if they are ongoing or getting worse people should always go back to see their doctor, regardless of previous tests so they can be reassessed. If needed the GP can refer you again or arrange other tests to find out more.

    Do arrange an appointment with your doctor to talk through your worries and see what they say.

    Take care