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I started getting CNI1 in my smear 5 years ago. Doctors generally say its a virus and clears up on it own but it didn’t in 3 years in fact went from CNI1 to CNI2. I was very sacred so opted for LOOP l/LLETZ surgery last year in May 2022. I recovered really well and was no bleeding after surgery. No change in vaginal discharge and periods or period pain. I forgot about it until now.
Had sex for the first time after 1.5 years of the surgery. I was screaming in pain as soon as he penetrated, I was literally digging my nails in his arms. He stopped in a couple of minutes as soon as he saw a lot of fresh blood. I had no pleasure no orgasm nor him. Lets just say I was devastated and traumatised from the pain and realising that I will never have pleasure from sex. Never felt this kind of pain before during sex. Post-sex it’s not painful but I feel bruised inside and very light bleeding after 10 hours of sex. 
Is there a solution/treatment for this side effect or I will have to live with the fact that I will bleed during and after sex all my life, extreme pain with absolutely no pleasure? 
Someone please tell me it will be ok and get better. I thought 1.5 years is a pretty long time to recover from a very minor treatment so clearly it’s a side effect

  • Hi , to be on the safe side I would ring your Gp tomorrow for advice .You don’t say how old you are ( as you get older it gets a bit drier down below) . Having sex for the first time after 1.5 years , you were maybe a little tense . You could try some lubrication but I would just check with your Gp first . Good luck 

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    Thanks for your reply. 
    I was 39 when I had the LLETZ treatment and I’m 40 now and I was having sex for the first time after 5 years but 1.5 years after the LLETZ treatment. 
    l was very very wet and I’m sure it wasn’t due to not having enough lubricant.

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    Best to get checked by your Gp or practice nurse x

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    Thank you, really appreciate your prompt reply. 
    Can I ask and the reason I ask is because many women on the forum are saying since they had LLETZ, sex haven’t been the same and some say they bleed during or after sex. But no one has mentioned pain during sex.
    Is so much pain, no pleasure, lot of fresh blood is part of LLETZ treatment side effect? 

    I understand everyone is different and probably a very small number of patients experience this but am the unlucky one or this is very unusual? Sex I’ve had before the treatment have been enjoyable and fulfilling and never ever felt what I felt yesterday. 

    The reason I’m going nuts asking questions is because GP are useless now a days and I can’t afford a private doctor. NHS GP or A&E will only see you if you are dying which I’m not. 

  • I finished chemo for Breastcancer in March and find sex extremely uncomfortable, lube doesn’t ease it either. I don’t even want to try again as it hurt so much . Two of my friends who also had chemo expieriencing the same . I am 61.

  • Thank you for your reply. I have all my support and sympathy with you. 
    I haven’t had cancer nor the LLETZ treatment is anything close to chemo. My aunt had chemo and was in a lot of pain. I have to be very inconsiderate to compare my treatment with chemo but the sex was painful and like you said so scared that I don’t want to try but emotionally I want to have sex and feel like I had a very minor treatment to right off sex all my life. 

  • The Nurses will be available tomorrow so they will see this and I'm sure they'll have some good advice ,also I'm sure someone whose had this treatment will see it and offer advice .You search forum at the top of the page there may be some posts on there .

  • Hello HelpHF and thanks for posting,

    I am sorry to learn that you experienced pain and bleeding during sex and can appreciate how distressing this was.

    I'm afraid I can't say why this happened so I don't know if it is linked to the LLETZ procedure, it might not be, or if it is something that is likely to occur again. I think it is important to see your GP about this and find out what they think is causing the pain and bleeding.  Your GP can perform an internal examination and take swabs if needed in case of any infection. I realise that it can be difficult to get a GP appointment but please do persevere until you do. 

    I can understand you wondering how this will impact your future sex life, but I can't really reassure you without knowing what is the matter. However, I think you should start by getting physically checked out, and take things one step at a time starting with seeing the GP who can hopefully help.   

    If you want to talk anything over please do give us a call on Freephone 0808 800 4040, we are around weekdays from 9-5. 

    Best wishes,