Thyroid cancer


Last year I noticed a lump in my neck. I went to the GP who referred me to ENT. I had an ultrasound and FNA. Although 4 large nodules they were looking benign, and FNA was looking okay too. Fast forward 12 months the lumps felt bigger, went back and has another ultrasound where we saw the lumps had doubled in size, but still looking benign and FNA okay too. Was advised due to the size to have a hemi-thyroidectomy. Had this done 3 weeks ago. Went today for the results and have been told it contains cancer cells and I will need to have the other half of my thyroid removed. Not sure where we go from here yet as awaiting full results from specialist. I’m absolutely petrified, don’t know what to think. Has anyone been through similar? Have any positive words? Anything :(

  • I had ½ my thyroid removed and as cancer was near the centre my consultant recommended removal of remaining half.  No side affects, just take the tablets each morning 

  • Hi. Sorry to hear you got bad news, but I had thyroid cancer four years ago and while nobody wants any form of cancer, I have read that if you have to have cancer, this is the best form to get. The odds are they will just remove the rest of your thyroid and that will be that.

    Like smilinglady, I had my thyroid removed, no side effects and no recurrence of cancer. I had a 6.7cm cancerous tumour and cancer found in 8 lymph nodes, so I also had a load of lymph nodes removed and I was back at work and back to normal within a month. It really isn't what you imagine when you hear the word "cancer."