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72 HR fasting before and after chemotherapy

Hi folks,

Breast cancer gal here and will be starting chemo eaear May. Drugs tbc  this week his been told 6 X infusions every 3 weeks, start hormone therapy during cheno too.

Been reading a lot about fastibg - 48 hrs before chemo and 24 hrs after and how this can help alleviate side effects and help body protect itself from killing all the good stuff than bad ( awful scientific analogy but you get my drift). Big believer in time restricted eating but this was to control my weight whereas this is s whole new world. It must help with potential overeating or csca beige food munchies too. I'm terrified when I read about ladies gaining 3 stone on chemo from eating like mad on steroids and " what they fancy" not only on appearance but from a body fuel build from inside out this can't be good. Fasting may help this as well as orotect cells.

Will  of course ask my onco as there seems to be more research done in the last few years than just on mice as in earluer posts .generally the view from health professionals try it as it won't hurt but wobderiww if anyone else tried this. 

Thanks in advance,


  • I wanted to add to this thread my own experience as very positive. Stage 4 colorectal with ling and liver Mets, I have fasted for 4 out of 5 session of Irinotican and the difference is vast. Little nausea and fatigue compared to a week of it cycle 1. Also please note, I suffered no hair loss or thining, and was told unequivocally it would go on session 2. I'd advise everyone to persevere. My mid way scan showed good reduction and while not getting carried away, I'm taking it!! God bless all

  • Hi Martin, will Cancer Research please investigate this as there does seem to be some good science around fasting?

  • Hello everyone 

    I posted on this subject back in April. I have now finished my fec-t and gone on to have surgery . I was stage 3grade3 multiple tumours and node positive and was therefore told I would need a full axillary clearance, full mastectomy and radiotherapy 


    When the surgery was done they found that I had no longer got any node involvement, and no sign of cancer at all. I have therefore avoided node clearance and also avoided radiotherapy. Unfortunately they have to actually do the mastectomy to find out that the cancer has all gone but I can no live with that 

    It could of course be coincidence but I strongly feel that the fasting may well have helped me to get this result.

    Good luck to you all

  • Hi, thank you for posting this, i have a similar cancer and post surgery start chemo tomorrow. I am going to try fasting. Really glad for you and your good result. 

  • Hi Qwer, I just saw your post and wanted to wish you well with your chemo but also to suggest that you let your doctor/medical team know you're going to do due to what our lovely Nurse Martin said in his post earlier in this discussion.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator